About Me

I have always had a very creative mind.  There is never a time that I don’t have some project going on or at least thinking about what the next one will be.  Right now I have a list of about 20 current projects.  That is how I came up with the name HairBrained.  I jump from one project to the next with sometimes no rhyme or reason.  While the outcome of my work is original, I am always searching for new ideas and ways to make them my own.  I hope that other’s will be able to enjoy some of the bows or projects that I make.

I have been married for 15 years.  We have 4 children.  We did foster care and were blessed to be able to adopt 3 of the girls that we had in our care.  They were adopted at the ages of 8, 14, and 18.  We were then surprised by our biological child that we were told would never come.  I was just certain I had the stomach flu.  Due to several health problems I am now a stay at home mom and do my crafts and run this blog to keep me busy and have fun.  I hope you are able to enjoy the products as much as I delight in making them.

Jason and Jane