Quiet / Activity Books

I make quiet books that are all made from fabric not felt.  Each page is 10″ x 12″.  The book can hold up to 12 pages.  Each page is available for $30.00.  This is actually priced low considering each page takes me 8 – 12 hours to complete.  The pages are bound in a firm fabric folder.  A few of the pages are from a pattern available on the quiltedfish.com.  Many of the pages in these pictures have been adjusted from the pattern or my sister and I have created the pattern on our own.  At least 1/2 down payment is required and about 2 months notice to complete the book.  They hold up very well and teach so much.  They are well worth the money.  Other pages that can be included are a mailbox, clock, and piggy bank.  I am also open for other suggestions.