Message Board

This can hold business cards, appointment reminders, coupons, or many other things.  Just slide what you need under the ribbon and it stays in place.  This can be made in any custom color that you would like.  The price for a custom would be $25.00.  There are ways of making the price go down like using a solid color fabric or more simple buttons.

Jewelry Holder

I love having all my jewelry in a place that is easy to find – keeps them from getting lost or tangled – and looks nice on the wall.

Baby Stuff

I can make the infant car seat covers.  I also make really cute diaper changing pads.  They have a decorative fabric and one side is plastic.  You can just wipe it down or toss it in the wash and line dry.  Either way they hold up well and are a ton better than what you get in your diaper bag.  These can be made in any color you like.