I have always considered myself blessed that I have the ability to see something and just be able to make it.  I will also have images come into my mind and I sometimes can not do anything else until they are finished.  Some ideas are original and others I take inspiration form other things that I see.  I set up this blog to be able to preview the items that I make and also to be able to sell them to those people that are interested.  I do not have a large stock of most of the items.  I am happy to take special orders and I will get them done as quickly and professionally as I can.  I make everything by hand with the highest quality supplies.  I am able to accept credit cards and I am willing to ship the products to wherever they need to go.  Please keep in mind that when ordering certain items a deposit of at least half is due at the time of order if you live in the Salt Lake Valley.  Full payment is required at the time of order if shipping is involved.  Some items do take some time to make.  There may be a minimum amount of time required for me to complete a project.  I hope you enjoy looking and please let me know if there is anything I can help you with.

Jane Cogswell



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  1. I think it is great!

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